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The White Hare [2:43]

The Front Cover
Coming In
Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band
Claudy Banks [4:37]
The Little Gypsy Girl [2:16]
Banks Of The Bann [3:38]
Murder Of Maria Marten [7:28]
Van Diemen's Land [4:59]
Just As The Tide Was A 'Flowing [2:13]
The White Hare [2:43]
Hal-An-Tow [2:54]
Poor Murdered Woman [4:17]
A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony
Anthems In Eden
Notes and Things
The Back Cover

Near Oldham Town, near Oldham Town as I have heard them tell;
There once was a white hare that used there for to dwell;
She'd been hunted by beagles and greyhounds so fair,
But ne'er a one amongst them could come near this old white hare,
With me ri-tol-the-didel-ol, the-ri-tol-the-day.
They went to the place where the white hare used to lie;
They uncoupl-ed their beagles and beginning for to try,
They uncoupl-ed their beagles and they beat the bushes round,
But there was never a white hare not there to be found,
With me ri-tol-the-didel-ol, the-ri-tol-the-day.
There was Jim Smith the huntsman and Tom the whipper-in;
Go down to yonder furze-side to see if she be in;
With that she took a jump me-boys, and away she did run,
And yonder she is going, don't you see her gentlemen,
With me ri-tol-the-didel-ol, the-ri-tol-the-day.
The footmen they did run and the horsemen they did ride;
Such holloa-ing and shouting there was on every side,
Such holloa-ing and shouting I never before had known
And all the men kept crying, "Tally O, tally O,"
With me ri-tol-the-didel-ol, the-ri-tol-the-day.
There was twenty good beagles that caused this hare to die,
There was not one amongst them above a foot high
The number of the dogs there, never could be found
And never better hunting upon old English ground,
With me ri-tol-the-didel-ol, the-ri-tol-the-day.

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