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Banks Of The Bann [3:38]

The Front Cover
Coming In
Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band
Claudy Banks [4:37]
The Little Gypsy Girl [2:16]
Banks Of The Bann [3:38]
Murder Of Maria Marten [7:28]
Van Diemen's Land [4:59]
Just As The Tide Was A 'Flowing [2:13]
The White Hare [2:43]
Hal-An-Tow [2:54]
Poor Murdered Woman [4:17]
A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony
Anthems In Eden
Notes and Things
The Back Cover

(from Bert Lloyd)

Oh, as I was a-walking all down by the town,
Those lovely green mountains they did me surround,
‘Twas there I spied a maiden and to me she looked grand.
She was plucking wild roses by the banks of the Bann.

I quickly approached her and to her I did say,
"Since Nature has ordain-ed, we should meet in this way,
Since Nature has ordained it, come give me your hand,
And we will walk together by the banks of the Bann.

It was into a corner where the changes took place.
I knew by the blood that beat on her face.
Her feet they fell from her on a neat bed of sand
And she fell into my arms by the banks of the Bann.

 "Oh, young man, now that you've wronged me, come give me your name
So that when the child is born I might call him the same."
"My name is Willie Archer as you may understand
And my home and habitation lie close to the Bann."

"But I cannot marry you, I'm apprenticed and bound
To the spinning and the weaving in Rathfriland town,
But when my time is over I will give you my hand
And we will walk together by the banks of the Bann."

Come all you fair maidens and take warning by me —
Well don't go out a-courting by one, two, or three,
No don't go out a-courting by three, two, or one
For you might meet Willie Archer by the banks of the Bann.

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